Great Blue Resorts is committed to:


    1. Dignity and Independence: Our goods or services must be provided in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities.


    1. Integration: The provision of goods or services to persons with disabilities and others must be integrated unless an alternate measure is necessary, whether temporarily or on a permanent basis, to enable a person with a disability to obtain, use or benefit from our goods or services


  1. Equal opportunity: Persons with disabilities must be given an opportunity equal to that given to others to obtain, use and benefit from our goods or services


We also support the goal of the Ontario government to make Ontario barrier-free by 2025 and its implementation of accessibility standards for persons with disabilities. An accessibilitystandard is a rule that Great Blue Resorts and our staff must follow to identify, remove, and prevent barriers for persons with disabilities.
For more information, please see the following:


All documents linked from this page are available in accessible format upon request.

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